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Controlling the degree of shrinking

How can the degree of shrinking of a sweat shirt, for example, be reduced by adequate treating?

Treatment against wool becoming felted has been used for years. With every kind of cotton or cellulose fabric in general (natural or synthetic) it can be used in a similar way; so the degree of shrinking due to washing is essentially reduced by a special treatment with polymeres.

The surface of the fibre is covered and fixed by acrylics, so that after washing the fibres cannot hook up any more. This effect is increased by adding polysiloxane, which additionally improves texture and gliding. The pieces are finished to measure by the usual ironing technique and are shock-dried in a continuous-flow furnace at a high temperature, so that the acrylics and siloxanes are able to polymere thus improving the durability (Curing high refining). If necessary, the goods can be delivered prewashed.

Careful control of the conditions under which the fabric fibres may hook up leaves the goods free of unnecessary contamination with formaldehyde. On demand we are able to document the ecological acceptability.