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Colours, improving of colourfastness and resistance against rubbing, dyeing of pieces

This is our speciality! Do not hesitate to talk with us about problems you regard as not possible to solve!

1. Colourfastness and resistance against rubbing with synthetic fibres
We have delevloped our know-how in such a way, that dark colours that came on light-coloured parts can be removed from more than 90 % of all polyester and polyamide pieces. The colourfastness has thus been improved considerably.

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Especially with suits of sporting teams multicoloured jerseys must reach a colourfastness of up to 5, as the jerseys of 15 football players cause a dangerous concentration of the solution in a normal household washing machine. Even with a colourfastness of 3,5 the white stripe of a red and white jersey may turn rose-coloured already.

2. Mixed tissue
Mixed tissues consisting for example of polyester, viscose and cotton are often dyed „in one pot“ due to low costs. Of course with this method only one component can be fixed. We have developed a controlling technique to find out which one reacts to the possible second fixing we can carry out.

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3. Dyeing of cotton
The dyeing of cotton can be considerably improved by using modern binders. Due to new developments within the last two years 1,5 to 2 grades of improvement are possible even with dyeing under pressure.


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