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In our plant in Schweinfurt we maintain a professional tailor’s shop for alteration and repair within large series. About 20 of our employees are busy mending seams, adding tabs, straps and eyes, shortening sleeves and trouser’s legs, undoing and altering hems, fixing buttons and labels and fulfilling many other tasks. We have

  • overlock machines
  • machines for the fixing of buttons with either two or four holes
  • machines for elastic fabrics
  • machines for tabs, straps and eyes
  • normal industrial sewing machines
  • and many other plants and device

The tailor’s shop is run as a competent department of its own by one of our skilled clothing technicians. We give out our price offers due to working-time studies. Additionally, however, we can offer a favourable price per minute of 0,50 €. This is possible because our tailoresses (who do the ironing and sorting as well, should it be desired) are working at full capacity all over the year.