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Dry Cleaning/Removing of individual stains

ozonDry cleaning: this has been our original task! That means, besides topping, pressing with a dry or a damp cloth respectively, and ironing we are capable of every kind of dry cleaning.

  • Long-chain hydrocarbons replacing dry cleaning with fluoride
    A protecting process to make clothes look „like new“. Skin tolerance and a comfortable wear is guaranteed by biologically soluble, long-chain hydrocarbons that do not build halogenes. It is secured by fractionated distillation that the goods are always cleaned in the purest solvent without remains of dirt or colour from earlier lots.
  • Dry cleaning with PER
    This ist the traditional way of dry cleaning using perchlororethylenes. It reliably removes every dirtyness due to fat or solvent and can easily be used with a surplus of dye.

Removing of individual stains
This is carried out in our plant permanently and with great experience at three working places. The combination of this process and dry cleaning makes it possible to treat even difficult stains on delicate fabrics.