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Anti-Fading treatment against becoming yellow

n warehouses and shops damages due to light and becoming yellow destroy goods worth millions!

In one of the hottest and sunniest summers of the century, in 2003, many customers had an unpleasant surprise when they returned from their holidays. One of our customers, for example, called us and said:

„On my very first day back in our company our warehouse manager gave me some unpleasant details. He showed me large quantities of our goods of various colours, shapes, and sizes which had been bleached or become yellow. The worst damage occurred to denim and jeans.“ Many customers are telling us the same at the moment.

The becoming yellow in warehouses (often called damage due to light, too) is a problem of old with jeanswear. Due to the high temperatures in summer this problem has increased rapidly. In our atmosphere, which contains a relatively high concentration of acids, sun and high temperatures build more aggressive radicals than normal temperatures. This process is similar to the concentration of ozone, which we all know from TV and radio.

Do you have such a problem?

We can help you by

  • removing the yellowed patches
  • neutralizing remains of bleaches
  • giving you information how to avoid this problem in future
  • re-dyeing remaining stripes of bleaching after removing the damage (if the indigo has already vanished), should it be necessary

Please contact us! Our prices are more favourable as you may consider.