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Labels/Care labels

  • How can new care labels be fixed into 1000 pieces within a short time?
    We produce adhesive textile labels which are fixed at high temperatures. So they are sure to stick upon the original label for at least five times washing or dry cleaning – and they remain legible.
  • Where can 20,000 new hang-tag labels, with barcodes that can be read by scanners, be produced and reliably fixed for a major client?
    We are capable of printing every common barcode (EAN 13 etc.) easily legible onto adhesive labels and fix them with any desired length of thread.
  • Where can 4,000 embroidered neck labels be sewed in within a short time?
    At our plant! Should it be your wish we additionally care for the production of the embroidered labels at a favourable price and for the requested date of delivery for the complete amount of goods.