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Ibuegeln26n Schweinfurt we make use of both top and bottom steam presses for the general ironing finish. Additionally we have at our disposal: topper for trousers, steam dummies for blouses and shirts or for blazers, jackets and coats respectively, steam tunnels, shock finishing devices, box dryers and other time saving devices for finishing.

Due to 30 jobs in our ironing shop alone we can assure you to be ready for every task. Our capacity is 3,000 to 30,000 pieces a week, dependent on the intensity of treatment. In our central plant in Schweinfurt we can manage several times as much during the main season, because we have additional personnel in our shops and counters

Our employees, some of whom have been working in their jobs for several decades, take good care of the clothes. They do not only prove their know-how at the ironing tables, but also with difficult goods at the presses for ready-to-wear-clothes.