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Our services replace your invoicing

Planning, production and distribution of your goods

Leave the inconvenient, (personnel-) cost-increasing, and seasonally fluctuating activities to us, as there are

(1)     Quality and quantity control of the incoming goods

(2)     Customer related storage, labeling, and packing

(3)     Commissioning and dispatch according to your instructions

(4)     Factoring replacing your setting up of commercial invoices

(5)     Handling of  returns

Re (1) We control the quantitiy and the qualitiy of your manufactured goods from abroad by chosing random samples. Should it be necessary, we do a complete control. So you receive the documents in due time via e-mail, fax, or sample with enclosed picture and record – should faults occur - for claiming your manufacturer.

It is your decision whether the goods are to be produced again and sent back to the country of origin or if they are to be touched up by us.

 Re (2) We store your goods according to the necessities of your customers‘ orders, so that they can be delivered quickly, thus meeting the demand. As soon as you will have told us the quantities of your distribution department’s orders, we care for the demanded labeling, packing and compiling of lots.

Re (3) After commissioning via the carrier, the parcel service or the carrier for hanging shipments you wish we announce you the corresponding dispatch documents online.

Re (4) Should it be your wish we send the invoice to your customer and transfer the amount total to you after 4 working days deducting a security marge till the customer pays. Your advance:

  • Caclulable receipt of payments even with new customers.

  • Transparency of your conditions of contract towards your customer, provided the quality control is done by    us.
  • On the basis of a preceding credit investigation we send an invoice to the customer and bear the risk of a  loss of payment.

Re (5) Should the customer return the goods we check the justification legally and technically. Then we announce, if neccessary, the demand of crediting to you and provide for a dispatch of the ready-for-shelf goods back to your or our warehouse, if desired.