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External Fulfillment – the key to the profitability and liquidity of your house

"Fulfillment“ means the utmost service for your products. We guarantee meeting this requirement now and in future. For you as an overseas manufacturer and importer to Germany this provides you with new possibilities for new markets.

With us you will have everything in one hand - the taking in and storing of your products, the delivery of your goods to suitable sales agencies, the facturing to your German traders, and the complete payment procedure from Germany to your house.

Of course we also accompany your goods from the very beginning:

  • we take the goods in
  • we make a quality check according to your wishes (AQL 2,5 or AQL 4,0)
  • we are able to repair damages due to transport or manufacturing immediately
  • we deliver the goods to your traders in Germany.

We may also check the credibility of your customers, guarantee the payment of your goods (should this be your wish) or supervise the receipt of payment (collection).

To us, „Fulfillment“ means to meet your requirements according to your wishes and to fulfill all the services you place in our hands. Due to the variety of our customers and our services we are occupied all over the year.

To you, „Fulfillment“ means a release from work, cost and financing. You are free to concentrate on design, production and sales as your main task.

This is what you get:
  • reduced stress with deliveries in the main season
  • reduced costs for deliveries in the low season, because you do not need to use your own, much more expensive capacities
  • no costs for warehousing and the acquired personnel
  • skilled management of your claims
  • skilled treatment of your returns
  • 100 % guarantee for receiving the money for your goods.

Are you interested? Just give us a call!

We would love to discuss the matter with you personally.