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What can we do for you?

Before you place the order, you will receive from us by courier a sample with the treatment we recommend – just for quality assurance. This sample is the basis for our offer we will send you at the same time.

You can contact us, no matter where you are. With MPEG films or JPG pictures attached to e-mails you can have a look at the problems of your goods directly via our internet camera, which has a range or 5 megapixels. Meanwhile this technique has developed to a point where you can even see small faults in weaving or sewing. Place a test order with us – we would be glad to welcome you and your goods a our company.

Due to the integration into the logistic systems of our large German carriers and due to our own vehicles (8.5 t and 3.5 t) for hanging or flat transport it is always secured that the goods reach you or us OVER NIGHT. The favourable price  - from 300 pieces on with a certain intensity of treatment - always remains the same for us, no matter if the goods are hanging or packed, if they come from Hamburg or Freiburg. Thanks to reasonable wages we are able to integrate the costs for this service into our prices for the treated piece, which are 0.35 € per working minute.